We’re OPEN!! So great to be home! 


Come and see us!! Thank you again Traverse City Beauty School!! Jim, Julie, Marge, Kim, Jill and all the rest for putting up with us and taking us in!! You are amazing people! And thank you everyone for the good wishes and support through this challenge!! We are very blessed!!

I want to thank Traverse City Beauty School for sharing their space while we get back on our feet!! We have the best salons in this town!! Thank you for reaching out to us and offering your spaces! Salon Verve! Impres! Salon 804! C Quinn's! Melissa Burrone!! And any I may have forgotten. Thank you again !!!! Julie Lee Merriner at the school!! It will be so much fun to work with you!!

I forgot to mention offers from Shari Stelzer at Suite Janes who offered her salon to help us and Details Barb Romberg and Kathy Kenny. Thank you all of you for the support !! You are all wonderful!!     ~ Kate

Amazing! Jamie Moran's picture was hanging on the wall that was smashed in by a pickup truck last night along with a stained glass angel she made for Kate for Christmas when she was 16. Both survived the crash without a scratch!!! She's looking out for us!

We are sorry to have to tell you that there was an accident at the Salon Thursday June 22, 2017. We will be calling all of our clients as soon as possible. We will keep you all up to date on what is going to be happening as soon as we can.

The 2012 Community Beautification Small Garden Award was presented by The Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City to Signature Salon in appreciation for designing, establishing and maintaining a beautiful garden!

The Global Hair and Fashion Show is a runway hair and fashion show bringing the feeling of New York Fashion Week to Traverse City to benefit the Women's Resource Center for the Grand Traverse Area.